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Presentations 2012

N. Perner (Voith); Dr. A. Arlitt (Voith)
Voith Hydro ocean current Technologies
R. Grabert (SVA Potsdam)
Analysis of the interaction VSP – hull of modern OSV
Dr. D. Jürgens (Voith)
Overview of R & D – activities of Voith Turbo Marine
J. Lütten (Fassmer)
Building of vessels propelled by VSP – the yards point of view
Prof. G. Clauss (University Berlin)
The power of waves
R. de Meij (Marin)
Measurements of the roll behaviour of a VWT – with and without active damping within the SAFETUG project
K. Wege (Voith)
Development of a modern electronic control system for Voith propulsors
Dr. M. Schmid; A. Botta (University Stuttgart)
Development of modern bridge control elements – the designer's approach
J. Hundemer (Voith)
Voith Inline Thruster – latest experimental & theoretical results
S. Singer (Voith)
Fuel savings by the use of the Voith simulator
R. Young (Svitzer)
Optimization of fuel consumption of a Voith Tug – practical experiences
Dr. A. J. Murphy (School of Marine Science and Technology)
Reducing fuel usage and CO2 –emissions of a VWT – theoretical modelling
W. Beattie (Samtra)
Benefits of simulation training for Voith propulsor driven vessels
M. Palm (Voith)
VRP – overview of numerical and experimental results
C. Heinke (SVA Potsdam)
Extensive DP model tests for platforms driven by VRP
Dr. C. Strasser (SVA Vienna)
Windmill erection vessel – tank test results
O. Reinholz (HSVA)
Comprehensive model test for modern buoy layers
Dr. C.–T. Voht (Voith)
Voith Offshore Shuttle – a new ship concept for offshore services
E. Kellermann (Lloyd)
Forecast of suitability of Voith Offshore Shuttle by simulation